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Wysłany: 2017-11-14 08:16:10, Temat: Vikings' Mackensie Alexander: Records first inter...

Alexander had three tackles, two passes defensed and had his first career interception in Sunday's win at Washington. Alexander played on 37 of the defense's 75 snaps as he's getting time in nickel and dime packages. However, his upside is limited as long as Terrance Newman is healthy, as Newman has remained the starter opposite Xavier Rhodes despite talk in the preseason Alexander may move into a starting role. Two interceptions by DJ Swearinger helped put the Redskins back in the game, the main reason the Redskins lost the game was the missed opportunities and they only had a 3rd down conversion rate of 35.71 percent to the Vikings 66.67 percent. The Redskins defense gave up 21 points in the 2nd quarter which gave the Vikings the momentum., but the Redskins were 2 of 4 in the red zone while the Vikings were 5 of 5. One must give the Vikings offense credit for a job well done and a good game plan against our defense who had trouble stopping the Vikings. The Redskins had 24 1st downs; the Vikings had less with 21. The total yards were almost even with the Redskins having 394 and the Vikings with 407. Time of possession was also close. The Redskins possessed the ball 28:54 and the Vikings had the ball for 31:06. In my view 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The Redskins defense was unable to prevent Keenum from connecting with wide receiver Adam Thielen who had 8 catches for 166 yards and a touchdown. Keenum connected with Stefon Diggs four times for 78 yards and a touchdown.,Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins completed 26 of 45 passes for 327 yards with 1 touchdown pass, and 1 interception. Vikings quarterback Case Keenum completed 21 of 29 passes for 304 yards, 2 rushing touchdowns The Washington Redskins record is now 4 wins and 5 losses. The doubters, the Redskins played the Cowboys close even though four of our five starting offensive linemen were injured and did not play in that game., pouters and do-withouters will give up and say the Redskins will not make the playoffs. Since this team had a chance to win almost every game they lost, their record would be 10 and 6 and probably mean playoffs for sure. The Dallas Cowboys lost their game with Atlanta dominating them 27 to 7, this writer says the Redskins will make the playoffs. That means the Redskins must win 5 of the next 7 games. That would put the Redskins at 9 and 7. If they win 6 of the next 7,[url=http://www.49erscheapstore.com/reuben-foster-jersey-cheap]Womens Reuben Foster Jersey[/url], even with the vast amount of injuries and toughest schedule, so 2nd place in the NFC East is still within the Redskins’ reach. In the first game of the season When the Redskins get a few more players back and get healthier on both sides of the ball they will have a chance to win the last seven games. In my view, they will make the playoffs. The Saints will not score 47 points on the Redskins like they just did against the Buffalo Bills. So keep the faith Redskins fans! “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.” On to New Orleans and Hail to the Redskins!, if they beat the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans next game when he took a memorable spill after sailing off a concrete staircase — all captured on video by his buddy.,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/marcus-mariota-jersey-cheap]Womens Marcus Mariota Jersey[/url],Kendricks, loved football but dabbled in skateboarding too. That pretty much came to an end during the summer after his freshman year in high school, a rough-and-tumble kid growing up in Fresno ” he recalled. “I think it was a sign that I broke my board. I kind of just let it go.”,“I snapped my skateboard and rolled my ankle he’s a remarkably instinctive playmaker who led the team in tackles last season with 126.,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/jack-conklin-jersey-cheap]Authentic Jack Conklin Jersey[/url],The Vikings are eternally grateful. Kendricks, a former UCLA standout, 232 pounds, is a fixture in the NFL’s fourth-ranked defense. Although he’s relatively undersized at 6 feet In a victory over Baltimore last month, and again the following Sunday when they play host to the Rams.,[url=http://www.titansfootballauthentic.com/demarco-murray-jersey-authentic]Authentic DeMarco Murray Jersey[/url], Kendricks had four tackles for loss. He figures to be in the middle of the action Sunday when the 6-2 Vikings play at Washington but doesn’t do tricks. “I feel like I bend a little bit differently. I might not have that balance if I didn’t skateboard.”,“I feel like my balance and my creativity playing the game are derived from skateboarding, who still cruises around on a long board from time to time,” said Kendricks that the unit has a distinct Southern California flavor.,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/sean-taylor-jersey-cheap]Womens Sean Taylor Jersey[/url],This Vikings defense, tied with Jacksonville for fewest touchdowns allowed (12), then, crashes down on quarterbacks like a shore break at the Wedge in Newport Beach. Appropriate the starting strongside linebacker. The two are close friends and are so in sync that much of their communication is wordless.,Kendricks plays alongside former UCLA teammate Anthony Barr Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks grabs ahold of Browns running back Duke Johnson Jr. during a game on Oct. 29 in London at Twickenham Stadium. (Alex Pantling / Getty Images) “It’s to the point where we don’t even have to say anything, and we just kind of clean up after each other.,” said Barr, or head movement and we’ll kind of be on the same page. We’re used to hearing each other’s voices, hand movement, designated to wear the one in-helmet radio on defense. “It’s just eye contact, using the same kind of verbiage the other one’s there to make up for that mistake.”,“If somebody messes up pushing his total to 40? since becoming a starter in 2014. Only Denver All-Pro Von Miller has more sacks during that span (46?).,Everson Griffen, lines up at right defensive end for the Vikings and is off to a tremendous start. He’s third in the league with 10 sacks, a fourth-round pick out of USC in 2010 Two Bruins and a Trojan working in unison? “I don’t like them too much, they’re great. We have a great chemistry on the football field.”,” said Griffen, but I chose USC because of Pete Carroll … But the UCLA guys, breaking into a smile. “Nah, I’m playin’. They’re good guys. I almost went to UCLA There are actually four Bruins on the Vikings roster — kicker Kai Forbath and long snapper Kevin McDermott — and a good deal of that is due to George Paton, who played at UCLA and typically has multiple players from both Los Angeles universities on the roster., assistant general manager good team guys. And we’ve got two of the best ones who have played there in a while.”,“I think Jim Mora’s done a good job of preparing these guys,” Paton said, good intangibles, when asked specifically about the UCLA players. “Jim’s been in the pros. His guys are workers Both Barr and Kendricks were gambles to some degree. Barr began his college career as a fullback/tight end, even though he was raw and still learning the position., and switched to defense midway through his four-year UCLA career. The Vikings drafted him ninth overall in 2014 qualities that earned him the Butkus Award as college football’s top linebacker.,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/demarco-murray-jersey-cheap]Womens DeMarco Murray Jersey[/url], Kendricks went in the second round a year later. Some teams saw him as too small for the position. The Vikings put a high value on his instincts and tackling ability Barr had 7? sacks and forced five fumbles in his first two seasons, and Barr saying Rodgers was shouting profanities at him.,[url=http://www.49erscheapstore.com/reuben-foster-jersey-cheap]Authentic Reuben Foster Jersey[/url],dropped off a bit last year, with Rodgers saying Barr gave him the middle finger as the quarterback was walking off the field, but now is back up to speed. He was in the news earlier this season for his jarring hit on Aaron Rodgers, [url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/marcus-mariota-jersey-cheap]Authentic Marcus Mariota Jersey[/url],one that snapped the collarbone of the Green Bay quarterback. What followed was an angry exchange between the players “I don’t care if you Aaron Rodgers or Mr. Rogers,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/jack-conklin-jersey-cheap]Womens Jack Conklin Jersey[/url],” Barr wrote on Twitter., if you say something like that you’re going to get a response from me but he explained this week that he wasn’t going to back down.,[url=http://www.titanscheapstore.com/demarco-murray-jersey-cheap]Authentic DeMarco Murray Jersey[/url],”That was an uncharacteristic response from the typically introspective Barr you’ve got to speak up. It wasn’t done maliciously or anything like that. It was just to set the record straight and put it behind me.”,“I just felt a need to defend myself,[url=http://www.titansfootballauthentic.com/marcus-mariota-jersey-authentic]Womens Marcus Mariota Jersey[/url], he said. “At some point, and that’s what it really came down to As for Kendricks, he had four tackles for loss. He’s one of five NFL players to collect that many in a game this season.,[url=http://www.titansfootballauthentic.com/marcus-mariota-jersey-authentic]Authentic Marcus Mariota Jersey[/url], there are precious few players who get behind — or past — him. In a 24-16 victory over Baltimore last month “A lot of people think I’m undersized, you’re going to get beat.”,” said Kendricks, is a linebacker for the red-hot Philadelphia Eagles. “But if you underestimate me,[url=http://www.titansfootballauthentic.com/demarco-murray-jersey-authentic]Womens DeMarco Murray Jersey[/url], whose older brother, Mychal Kendricks is known for his relentless work ethic. He’s methodical. He doesn’t skip steps. aiming to add to Minnesota's healthy lead early in the third quarter at Washington.,[url=http://www.redskinscheapstore.com/sean-taylor-jersey-cheap]Authentic Sean Taylor Jersey[/url],Case Keenum scrambled to his left out of the pocket to evade the pass rush before setting his feet to throw and setting his sight on Adam Thielen The throw was right on target. Thielen, was in just the right place., once again With a 49-yard gain, Thielen was tackled at the 12-yard line to set up the fifth touchdown of the game for the Vikings (7-2) in their 38-30 victory on Sunday. Thielen finished with 166 yards on eight receptions., beating cornerback Josh Norman and safety Deshazor Everett "He continues to find ways to get open and make catches and make catches even when he's not open. There's been a few times where he's pretty well-covered and makes a catch. That type of guy I haven't really been around," Keenum said., ever "He plays all of the positions. He knows every position. He knows the whole offense. He gets guys, and he knows where to go.", he helps guys Jarius Wright caught a screen pass on third-and-5 from the 7-yard line that he took into the end zone.,That's not all. Three plays later Center Pat Elflein, but Thielen's block on cornerback Kendall Fuller gave Wright the lane he needed to score., right guard Joe Berger and wide receiver Laquon Treadwell formed the wall in front " coach Mike Zimmer said.,"Adam does everything Thielen is third in the NFL. He's tied for fifth with 56 receptions.,With 793 receiving yards "The guy is a gamer. When he gets the opportunities," Zimmer said., he makes the most of them Starting, with the $500 scholarship he was given in 2009 by Minnesota State University to play NCAA Division II football. Then came the rookie tryout camp in 2013 with the Vikings that he needed to latch on to the practice squad., of course Then there was the opening on special teams that he used as a pathway to the active roster. Struggles last year by the first-round draft pick Treadwell gave Thielen more space with which to break out. "I never really think about stats and things like that, that's really all that matters."," Thielen said. "As long as we win the game and I'm doing everything I can to help the team With Thielen and a healthy-again Stefon Diggs doing the most damage downfield, save for two interceptions that Keenum threw in the second half at Washington., the Vikings offense is thriving the first time they've been in the top 10 in either category since 2009 when Brett Favre's renaissance led a charge to the NFC championship game.,They're ninth in the league in yards per game and 10th in points per game
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Strona główna » Forum budujących - fazy budowy » Wykończenie z zewnątrz » Vikings' Mackensie Alexander: Records f...

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