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Wysłany: 2017-04-20 11:27:33, Temat: Printer paper jam and its solution

printer toner in the course of frequent use, often can not handle the paper failure, mostly paper jam, not into the paper, a paper into the multi-page and the phenomenon of random paper. How do these failures to deal with it after that?

   1, the paper surface is smooth. If the phenomenon of paper jams, first of all should see the paper surface is flat, if there is paper curl or fold phenomenon, it is best to use the surface smooth, smooth paper, and to ensure that the printing paper surface can not have a similar plastic adhesive.

   2, the paper is too thin or too much. Must ensure that the quality of printing paper more than 60 grams or more, the paper is too thin will cause the printer to become difficult when you take the paper, the printer is likely to cause a paper jam. And once into the printing paper can not be too thick.

   3, the pickup roller wear. The pick roller is the most wearable part of the printer. When the Sheng tray of normal paper, and can not take the paper, the paper roller is often wear or spring loose. Pressure is not enough, the paper can not be fed into the machine. Pickup roller wear, can not be replaced at the moment, the available wound rubber band approach for emergency treatment. Winding rubber band, the increase in the rubbing friction, make paper back to normal.

   4, other. Sheng tray is not properly installed, the paper quality is not good (too thin, too thick, wet), also may cause a paper jam or can not take the fault.

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