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Strona główna » Forum budujących - fazy budowy » Wykończenie z zewnątrz » Karl Joseph compares Jared Cook to Chief...
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Wysłany: 2017-06-19 09:15:59, Temat: Karl Joseph compares Jared Cook to Chiefs' Travis ...

Karl Joseph compares Jared Cook to Chiefs' Travis Kelce he's hoping to carve out a big role with the Raiders,[url=http://bit.ly/2pn9ZoJ]Melvin Gordon Jersey[/url],While new Oakland Raiders tight end Jared Cook has yet to find a place he can call a long-term home to this point in his NFL career, and potentially one that could keep him in town for quite a while., he's still received plenty of praise along the way. Even still The Oakland Raiders are gearing up for training camp. Want the latest news sent straight to your inbox? Cook has 303 receptions for 3, as safety Karl Joseph recently heaped praise on him,Over his eight-year career,880 yards and 17 touchdowns. The numbers aren't awful, but they aren't what you'd expect from a player with the type of dominating physical presence of Cook. Apparently, via Jeff Spiegel of SB Nation., even going as far as comparing him to Travis Kelce, though, he's already making waves with his new team I didn’t know he was that fast.’ But he’s very athletic. It kind of reminds me of the tight end from the Chiefs,[url=http://bit.ly/2qv311b]Philip Rivers Jersey[/url],[url=http://bit.ly/2qWHGgE]Melvin Ingram Jersey[/url],“He’s faster than I thought,” second-year safety Karl Joseph said. “There have been a couple of plays in practice where I’m lined up on him and he’ll take off and I’ll be like,[url=http://bit.ly/2qWV7Ny]Brandon Williams Jersey[/url], [Travis] Kelce.”, ‘Damn posting career-highs in receptions (85) and yards (1,Obviously,125) last season. He also had four touchdowns in a run-heavy offense., the Raiders would love for Cook to turn into the type of dominant playmaking threat that Kelce is for their rival. The Chiefs' 27-year-old tight end has improved in each of the past three seasons and hopefully,Cook is unlikely to put up those type of numbers in an offense that features Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree and Marshawn Lynch as the focal points, that'll roll right into training camp and then the regular season.,[url=http://bit.ly/2qv311b]Authentic Philip Rivers Jersey[/url],[url=http://bit.ly/2pn9ZoJ]Authentic Melvin Gordon Jersey[/url],[url=http://bit.ly/2qWHGgE]Authentic Melvin Ingram Jersey[/url],[url=http://bit.ly/2qWV7Ny]Authentic Brandon Williams Jersey[/url], but seeing him just become a dominant target would be ideal. He's at least making noise early on
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Strona główna » Forum budujących - fazy budowy » Wykończenie z zewnątrz » Karl Joseph compares Jared Cook to Chief...

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