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Wysłany: 2017-06-19 09:42:03, Temat: The football rules may be changed

The International Football Association (IFAB), which is responsible for soccer rules, is considering changes to the rules of the existing football game, and the time of the football game may be reduced from the current 90 minutes to 60 minutes, fifa 17 monedas according to the British Daily Telegraph. Football rules or change! Change time to change the penalty for 60 minutes IFAB has proposed 12 reform proposals in a document entitled "Fair Competition", which is mainly for three purposes, one is to improve the player's field behavior, strengthen the sense of respect, and the other is to increase The actual game of the time, the other is to strengthen the fair and active competition awareness. It is worth mentioning that 60 minutes of the game time, will be the actual game time, does not include the dead time of the time. When the game appears dead ball state, record the game with the timepiece will be suspended. The scene is responsible for the timing of the watch, will be fully synchronized with the referee worn watch. IFAB said in the document, "a lot of people are very disappointed that the original 90 minutes of the game time, but the actual game time is less than 60 minutes. Our proposal is to suppress the waste of time behavior, mainly to speed up the game The process. IFAB stressed that the change of these 12 rules, some will be directly implemented, do not need to make regular changes, www.comprarfifacoins.es some need to be tested, and some need to be discussed. In the category of proposals that need to be discussed, including the free kick, corner kick and the goal of the ball in the process of punishment, the penalty person can own the ball forward. In addition, some of the proposals that need to be discussed, including the referee will only be in the dead state will sound the midfield and the end of the whistle. And in the regular time penalty kick, the player penalty kick once saved, do not allow re-shot. Without the need to modify the rules of the proposal, mainly to suppress the delay of time behavior, the referee needs to act in strict accordance with the rules, allowing the goalkeeper to reach the ball for 6 seconds, monedas más baratas fifa ps4 penalty and penalty in the penalty process, the referee must stop.
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